Gladys May Godden

Gladys May Godden was born at Brunswick in 1904, to Frank Edward Godden and Mary Ann Fleming. Gladys married James Watson Bundred on November 29, 1933, son of John Bundred and Georgina Watson McKay of Sunderland, Durham, England. They had one son, James (Jamie) Godden Bundred on January 12, 1935 (died December 7, 1999). After James’ death on April 23, 1965 at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Gladys remarried to Robert Edward Manifold. He was previously married to Judith Violet Christine Thornley, who died on October 10, 1966. Robert died July 21, 1973 at Camperdown. Gladys passed away on January 17, 1992 and was cremated at Fawkner Memorial Park on January 22. The following photograph of Gladys, was taken by photographer Spencer Shier on September 25, 1924. If you would like the full sized image, it’s available for download from the State Library of Victoria. Click Here (Tif, 4080 x 5436, 42.3m).

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1904,15903,F,Godden,Gladys May,Frank Edward,Fleming Mary Ann,Brunswick,

1907,08793,,Manifold,Robert Edward,Edward,Anderson Beatrice Mary,Cdown,
1915,08728,,Thornley,Judith Violet Christine,Edmund Ashworth,Loughran Ctine,Ardale,

Engagement notice in The Australasian (Trove).

1933,11657,,Godden,Gladys May,Bundred,James Watson,,
Article in The Australasian (Trove)

1965,08773,,Bundred,James Watson,William,Watson,Heidelberg,78,

1973,17743,,Manifold,Robert Edward,Edward,Anderson Beatrice Ma,Cobd,66,

1966,23789,,Manifold,Judith Violet Ch,Thornley Edmun,Loughran Christine,Melbourne,52,

Date of grant: 27 Feb 1992; Date of death: 17 Jan 1992; Occupation: WIDOW; Residence: South Yarra
Judith Violet C MANIFOLD
Date of grant: 17 Feb 1967; Date of death: 10 Oct 1966; Occupation: Married; Residence: Camperdown

Cemetery Details:
Gladys: Fawkner Memorial Park. Cremation, 22 Jan 1992. Ashes collected or scattered.
James: Springvale Botanical Cemetery. Cremation, 26 Apr 1965. Ashes Interred. Location: Boronia, Wall ZE, Niche 237.
Jamie: Fawkner Memorial Park. Cremation, 10 Dec 1999. Ashes collected or scattered.
Robert: Altona Memorial Park. Cremation, 24 Jul 1973. Ashes collected or scattered.
Judith: Springvale Botanical Cemetery. Cremation, 12 Oct 1966. Ashes collected.

The Grave of James Tinker

James Tinker was born at Warrnambool in 1886, to Francis (Frank) Tinker and Jessie McKay. He married Agnes Howe in 1904 and had two children. The war came and James enlisted on August 16, 1915. A Gunner, service number 9332, with the 4th Australian Field Artillery Brigade. His service record is available at this link here to browse or download at the National Archives of Australia. He first went to the AIF Camp at Tel El Kiber in Egypt before heading to Alexandra and then on to France. On September 19, 1917, James was wounded in action in Belgium, but he remained on duty. Ten days later on September 29, he was killed in action. His grave, as pictured, is located at the Reninghelst New Military Cemetery in Belgium. If you are related to James, then this photograph is for your use. If you would like the unedited full sized image, please follow the link to download it from the State Library of Victoria. Click Here (Tif, 3744 x 5308, 56.9m).

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1886,30399,,Tinker,James,Frank,Mckay Jessie,Warr,