Oliver’s Paddock Estate, Northcote

Oliver’s Paddock Estate, Northcote. Also known as the “Central Northcote Railway Station Estate”. This subdivision went on sale from May 19, 1888. Street names are a little different today. Railway Parade is now Herbert Street, Station Grove is now Turnbull Grove, Station Avenue is now Claude Street and Hawthorne Road has dropped the e. The Northcote State School (No. 1401) at the botton of the map, now Northcote Primary School, is still going. It opened on May 1, 1874.

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You can get a full sized copy of the above image from SLV here (Tif, 8600 x 6596, 162m). Here’s Oliver’s Paddock highlighted on Google Maps. Zoom in (bottom left) or open in a new tab (top right).

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Newham Zion Baptist Chapel

zbchapel1The life of the Zion Baptist Chapel at Newham (behind Hanging Rock) began in 1869 when it was built. One of it’s most prominent founders and supporters was Eli Jones (1841-1916). A Reverend in its early days was Rev. Samuel Ward (1813-1885). Services were fortnightly. Its last services were held in 1940 (thanks to Woodend and District Heritage Society for that date).

Unfortunately, these days it’s fenced off on private property. Here’s a photo of my dad and my maternal grandfather standing in the doorway of the Chapel in 1967. The other photos I took recently on a road trip with my three sons.



Stillbirths in Victoria

Just a brief note on stillbirth registration in the state of Victoria.

  • Up until 1929-30, there was no legal framework to notify the government of a stillborn child.
  • In 1930, the Births Notification Act required the government to be notified of a stillbirth, but the birth was not registered.
  • In 1952, the Births, Death and Marriages Act 1928 was amended to require that all stillbirths must be registered. A birth certificate could then be issued, but not a death certificate, as the death occurred prior to the birth.

For further information on birth registration law, here is a direct link to the page on the Victorian Law Reform Commission website.