Madge Abernethy

Madge Abernethy was born on July 20, 1894, to William McClure Abernethy and Margaret McAinsh at Shepparton. She married William Frederick Grutzner on April 17, 1923, at Christ Church in South Yarra. William, originally from Geelong, was a medical doctor, a Shepparton Councillor and was briefly acting Mayor. Madge passed away at Shepparton on January 18, 1968. The bridal photo below was taken by Melbourne photographer Spencer Shier on her wedding day. A much larger uncropped version is available from the State Library of Victoria. Click Here (Tif, 4080 x 5436, 42.3m).

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1896,23333,F,Abernethy,Madge,William Mcclure,Mcainsh Margaret,Shepparton,1887,11454,,Grutzner,Frederick William,William Freder,Mcdonald Annie Florence,Geelong,

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1968,01987,,Grutzner,Madge,Abernathy Will,Mcainsh Margaret,Shep,71,
Date of death: 18 Jan 1968 (Probate – PROV)
1974,18224,,Grutzner,Frederick Willia,Frederick Wi,Mcdonald Annie,Moor,87,
Date of death: 26 Jul 1974 (Probate – PROV)