Henry Warburton Sutton

Henry Warburton Sutton was born in 1892, to Henry Warburton Sutton and Elizabeth Varian at St Kilda. He was doing an apprenticeship in horticulture at Mildura when he joined to serve in the Great War (Service Number: 4268). He was discharged in 1919. He later married Olive Rene Berteau in 1922. She born May 24, 1886, to Louis Rolier Berteau(x) and Edith Rose Handasyde at Williamstown. They had two children, Henri and Rene(e). Unfortunately, they lost Henri on March 31, 1939, aged 14. In that same year, Henry enlisted again for the war effort. Olive passed away on June 15, 1943, at Mildura. Henry remarried in 1944, to Doris Ann Packe. She died on March 13, 1967, at Merbein. Henry Passed away on June 20, 1971, at Heidelberg. Renee on November 3, 2015. The photo below was taken on or around his wedding day in 1922, by Melbourne photographer Spencer Shier. If you would like a much larger uncropped version, it’s available for download at the State Library of Victoria. Click Here (Tif, 4080 x 5436, 42.3m).

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1892,17724,M,Sutton,Henry Warburton,Henry Warburton,Varian Elizabeth,St Kilda,
1886,14824,,Bertean,Olive Rene,Louis Roher,Handasyde Edith Rose,Will,

1922,06994,,Sutton,Henry Warburton,Berteau,Olive Rene,,

1971,15313,,Sutton,Henry Warburton,Henry Warbur,Varian Elizabeth,Heidelberg,80,1943,18085,,Sutton,Olive Rene,Bertaau Louis,Handasyde Edith Rose,Mildura,57,1967,08218,,Sutton,Doris Ann,Packe John,Bertha,Merb,72,

Cemetery Details:
Cemetery: Burwood Cemetery.
Location: Methodist C, Grave 501.
Henry: Burial, 23 Jun 1971.
Olive: Burial, 17 Jun 1943.
Henri: Burial, 3 Apr 1939.
Rene: Ashes burial, 26 Apr 2016.

Cemetery: Springvale Botanical Cemetery
Rene: Cremation, 4 Apr 2016. Ashes collected.
Doris: Cremation, 16 Mar 1967. Ashes scattered.

Additional Information:
A photo of Olive, aged 16, in the Weekly Times.

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